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System Information

Blackboard System Status: Planned and Unplanned

System Status by Event and Month

Blackboard system status gives faculty important information about system downtime in order to confirm student’s ability to access the system. Most scheduled updates and other downtime will appear here. Remember to encourage your students to bookmark the Blackboard login page so they do not have to use the college website to access the Blackboard page.

Downtime is planned as carefully as possible but as we know the actual time can be much different. After each planned downtime please clear your browser’s cache memory so you do not continue getting the “Blackboard is Unavailable” message. If you have questions about whether this system has been unavailable during a certain time or day please contact us at the OLC.

July 22, 2013

There is a minor issue with the cut or copy and paste routine in the test box editors within Blackboard.  Cut or copy and paste directly from Safari Browser, Dreamweaver or Microsoft WORD is causing discussion board posts to add an extra HTML character that hides all posts below the original discussion board post.  The problem, we have been told, is going to be fixed in a system patch that comes later. For now you need to:

  • NEVER copy or cut and paste from MS WORD directly into a Bb text box or discussion board posting.


    • Paste the text into either WORDPAD or NOTEPAD first, then copy or cut to text boxes and/or Discussion Board posts.

    • You can access these editors from your computer under accessories and under programs.

  • If you are using Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor to copy and paste into Bb then use the command, “clean up WORD HTML” prior to pasting into Bb text boxes or Discussion board posts. This command is in different places in different editors and maybe be named something similar but is easily found.

  • For now, and I know this is going to hurt, we are asking you to avoid copy and paste tables from any HTML editor, instead create your tables from within the Bb test boxes. You can paste your text into the tables from notepad or WordPad however and it works.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will keep you posted.

All times are Pacifc (West Coast US)

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  • Event Name: Quality analysis and audit
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  • Time End: 6:00 AM
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