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Web Request Forms

SWC Online Learning Center


New Course Request

To create a new, blank course shell. Employees may request a new course at anytime. Most course shells are created automatically one (1) month prior to the term start​

Individual Training Request

​If you want to talk with an OLC support person for a one-on-one session to discuss issues or receive customized training. FLEX, Hurdle and Educational Incentive is available

Technical Support Request

This is for general technical support issues. Use this form to report problems​

Enable student Request:

Use this form to request a student to be enabled in a course where he/she was dropped by mistake and you have verified they are listed in Web Advisor they are enrolled in your course. The student MUST be re-enrolled in Web Advisor to use this form.

Supercourse Service Request

​This is for technical assistance for a SUPERCOURSE. If you are teaching more than one section of the same material and in the same duration you may want to investigate this benefit. Contact the OLC for more details

Create User Request

​This will request a new user account. Requestors assume the responsibility to monitor their users activities.

Copy Course Request: 

Used to copy course content from one course to another or from term to term. Please be advised that some course cartridge material may not copy due to copyright protection. Check with your publisher to be sure

Course Delete Request​​: 

​This will delete a course and all contents and users from the learning system. WARNING: THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE

​Course Evaluation Request

​Use this form to request that your course evaluator (Dean, Chair or peer) is placed into your course for a peer evaluation. Please check your SCEA contract for further information.

Auditing Student Request: ​

This form is used for requesting auditing students to be created and enrolled in your class. The process for these students is manual and faculty must give permission for entry.

​​​Import Course Cartridge Request:​ 

Use this form to request publisher material to be imported into a course. The cartridge normally comes in the form of a download key. Please ask your publisher to give you one with a minimum of three (3) download

Web Request Forms Dashboard

Course Restore Request

To have an older course that has been archived with the OLC. Use this form if you want to restore one of your older courses.

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