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Document Training

Training Documents

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Faculty Quick-Shot Training
Communicating & Collaborating

Working in the Course Environment
Building Course Content

Best Practices

Getting Started with
Interactive Tools

Discover the differences among Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and the Discussion Board and how to use each tool effectively in your course.​

Assessing Learners
Faculty Survival Guide

A real life document to help new faculty and even veterans understand the policies and procedures of online learning at SWC. Your timing on what to do before, during and after your term is explained in great detail.

Video Everywhere
Tips for Successful Online Tests

​Use the content editor in Blackboard to create video using your webcam. Upload your recordings directly to YouTube™ using your registered Google® account and YouTube channel.​

Online Learning:
The Basics

Great tips and tricks to make your online tests more efficient and manageable, plus better for your students.

What everyone should know!

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