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Training for online faculty is a must do situation. As you become familiar with your classrooms so should you do with your online version. No matter what kinds of classes you teach: Online, Blended (Hybrid) or traditional face to face, your understanding and using the learning management system effectively dramatically impacts student retention and success. Online Learning Center professional training is, both online and one-on-one training sessions. Flex, Hurdle and Educational Incentive credit is available.

Professional Training and Development for Online Faculty

Online Training

Online training is available on the Blackboard learning system. These trainings are developed by the OLC staff and are opt-in/opt-out.

Flex/Hurdle and Educational Incentive credits are available.  Check with the OLC staff for more information.

Video and Document Training

Video trainings are short 2-3 minute videos that cover specific features for the Blackboard learning system and the OLC.

​Document trainings are short PDF format, explanations and step by step visual directions about how to use Blackboard learning system features.

One on One sessions

Individual training sessions are offered through the Online Learning Center. They are scheduled at your convenience and during OLC business hours.

Sessions are scheduled for one-hour to focus on what you need to specifically learn about online education.




The Online Learning Center has adopted a more personal policy in regards to training regimens. The Online Learning Center will schedule private and person al training sessions with each department/school for as long as necessary and on dates and times more convenient to the employees of that area. To schedule one of these workshops please contact the OLC for more information..

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