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Adaptive Release/Announcements​

Adaptive Release

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What is Adaptive Release and why would I use it

Adaptive release allows instructors and course designers to release course content based on rules that they create; in other words, you can control what content is made available to which students and under what conditions they are allowed to see it. Rules can be created for individuals or groups, based on criteria related to date, time, assessment scores or attempts, and the review status of other items in the course.
See the Adaptive Release tutorials for more information.

If I have a student who misses an exam that was distributed via Blackboard, can I release the exam or a variation on that exam to that student without other students seeing it?

Most definitely.  Once you’ve created and deployed the exam, simply click the Action link button (chevron sign) next to the exam title and select Adaptive Release. Creating a Membership rule will mean that only the student mentioned in the rule will be able to access the exam.
See the Adaptive Release tutorials for more information.

Why aren’t Students able to see the item to which I’ve applied Adaptive Release and Date Availability?

One of the most common reasons that Students are unable to see an item on which Adaptive Release and Date Availability have been applied is due to a conflict with the dates identified. While Date can be set in both places, it is recommended that Date Availability be set at the item level not via Adaptive Release. It is much easier to change the dates in one place.
Another setting to check is to make sure that the item availability is set to Yes even though you are setting Date Availability. Setting the item to No will hide the item even when the availability dates come around.


How do I set an announcement to email to the students?

Blackboard 9.1 allows Students to decide what information they wish to receive from the system and how they wish to receive it. However, Instructors can use the Override User Notification Settings option to send the Announcement via email regardless of the Student’s settings.
To send an Announcement to the students via email, select the option to Override User Notification Settings found under the Option 2 Web Announcement Options.

Why would I use the Course Link option when creating an Announcement?

Using the Course Link option will take Students directly to the resource/materials/Assignment/etc being referenced in the Announcement. This reduces the need for Students to search the course for the materials they are being asked to access.

How can I make my class announcements more engaging?

Announcements can be more engaging by adding an audio and/or video file using the media tool bar. Incorporating media, particularly if the audio or video features the Instructor personalizes the experience for the students.
Emailed Announcements are sent as text only files so be sure to include text in the body of the Announcement as well so Students know to view the Announcement in Blackboard.

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